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Wotofo NexMESH Coils For Profile V1.5 RDA Strips UK


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Mesh is crucial because it serves as the heating core. Every little structure alteration counts. The mesh for the Profile 1.5 was tried and tested numerous times in order to achieve the optimum results, just like a custom-made suit that should fit you properly. All modifications were to increase taste production.

Three mesh coil options—nexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO, and nexMESH EXTREME—have been added to better serve more vapers. Please be aware that while the new mesh has 1.4 times the area of the previous Profile RDA mesh, they cannot be used interchangeably.


Extreme NexMESH (A1 0.16ohm)

The improved version of the original wire mesh, called nexMESH Extreme, is woven from wire mesh. The precise use of wires is the key to it. Small variations in mesh patterns, such as weaving, crimping, spacing, and wire, can have a big impact on flavour creation. We’ll use an analogy to further explain the strength of nexMESH Extreme: nexMESH Extreme is to mesh what complex Clapton is to single-strand coil. In essence, nexMESH Extreme provides a larger coiling surface area than standard mesh strips in a micro sense, which boosts flavour and vapour production.

Performance: Powerful and robust, with a flavour that is vigorously warmer. Heavy vapour output.


The NexMESH Turbo (A1 0.13ohm)

The high-density perforated mesh strip similar to nexMESH Chill is called nexMESH Turbo. It provides a larger contact surface for the e-liquid and a faster ramp up time. The outcome? More vapour means that there are more opportunities to taste more e-liquid notes in a shorter amount of time.

Performance: Strong and distinct, with enhanced flavour and thick vapour production.


NexMESH Relax (A1 0.15ohm)

The strip of vape metal called next mesh Chill has holes punched into it properly to create a mesh-like structure. It provides quick heating and uniform heat distribution. The nexMESH Chill is able to deconstruct the flavour profile in the e-liquid and enable a more distinct taste sensation through careful mesh control.

Performance: Mellow and smooth, with a more relaxed flavour experience and excellent vapour production.

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CHILL A1 0.15OHM, Clapton S 0.15 OHM, EXTREME A1 0.16OHM, TURBO A1 0.13OHM

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