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Drip Hacks Nic Salts

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Alkaline Rise:

With a hint of reviving Koolada WS-23, this sweet concoction brings together kiwi, lime, forest fruits, and strawberry.

Acid Drop:

Koolada adds a refreshing twist to this fruity mix of kiwi, grapefruit, wild fruits, and melons.

Blue Slush:

Nic salts flavoured like a blue raspberry slushie, called “Blue Slush.”

Cryo Mango:

Our all-natural, deliciously sweet Mango has a serious Koolada kick.

Pink Boy:

Something trendy that you choose to stick with. A traditional and delicious lemonade flavour combined with luscious raspberries.

The one who knows:

Excellently scrumptious fruits with only a touch of aniseed.

Brain Twister:

It’s like sucking on a wonderful twister ice lolly that then freezes your mouth. A perfect imitation of the original strawberry and pineapple ice cream!

Cherry Winter:

Cherry, fruit, and menthol in perfect harmony.


E-liquid with notes of butterscotch, custard, vanilla, and meringue.

Forbidden Fruits:

An exquisite taste of several woodland fruits.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:

Popular throughout the summer since it combines several well-liked flavours. Chocolate-chip mint ice cream is a cool treat.

Cherries & Berries:

A scrumptious combination of cherry and berry flavours!

Blackcurrant Juicy:

Tantalizing combination of blackcurrants and anise.

Cryo Grape:

Vape juice has the flavour profile of a refreshingly cool, ripe, and sugary grape beverage.

Green Apple Splatters:

a refreshing combination of Apple, Lime, and Sherbet in a double Apple Sour.

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