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Elux Slush Puff Disposable Vape Kit is a new addition to the Elux Family and one that we had to stock considering their success in the disposable market.

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Given their success in the disposable industry, the Elux Slush Puff Disposable Vape Kit is a new member of the Elux Family that we had to carry. Elux is renowned for its flavor—and more flavor. We are happy to offer you a fantastic selection of slushy flavors to pick from as a result. If you’re not a fan, we advise trying some others as the most feature a hint of ice.


Blackcurrant Slush

blackcurrants that are both sweet and sour, resting atop a slush foundation.

Blue Razz Slush

Say welcome to blue raspberries that have been slush-based and are delicious and tart.

Blue Slush

Everyone’s favorite beverage from childhood is now floating about in a throwaway. Taste the beauty of frozen blueberries that are sweet and juicy.

Blue Sour Rass

Is an introduction to this flavor really necessary?

Cola Slush

A sweet concoction of carbonated cola and a tonne of ice.

Cotton Candy Slush

This time around, a slush variation of the candy floss base is available.

Fanta Slush

A wonderful blending of slush and sweet oranges.

Fruity Slush

A variety of fruits combined with SLUSH once again.

Lush Slush

Though we weren’t really sure what this flavor was, we gave it a try and instantly felt more beautiful.

Mango Slush

Mangoes that are completely ripe are meticulously combined with the correct quantity of base slush.

Peach Mango Slush

One of the most well-liked flavors for the Elux Legend 3500 is now available in 600 puffs and an iced format!

Power Slush

A fruit that is sweeter than usual combined with an energy drink that we cannot place! Do let us know, please!

Energy Slush

This is a better version of that well-known energy master experience.

Blue Bubble Slush

Slush and bubble gum go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Grape Slush

A satisfying vape has been created by crushing sweet grapes together.

Minty Slush

It really smells quite minty!

Pink Slush

A flavor that is, to put it mildly, complex, with pink fruits and a touch of fizz.

Cherry Slush

Cherry slush with a sweet-and-sour foundation.


Back in an icing format, the one and only.

Watermelon Slush

When juicy watermelons fell just at the precise moment, a mouthwatering vape resulted.

It contains.

x1 Elux Slush Puff Disposable Vape Kit

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Maximum 600 puffs

The internal battery of 500 mAh

e-liquid volume of 2ml

20 milligrams of nicotine salt

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